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115 Yarmouth Crescent, N17 9PH
020 3475 8353

We are a carpet cleaning agency which offers great services at a competitive price. Our professionals provide steam, water and dry cleaning options to make sure that you can get exactly what you desire. We can guarantee you that your carpets will receive premium cleaning and care. Contact us for service appointments and more information.


  • lorenzoharret


    I've been using your cleaning services for about one year now and so far, you have never disappointed me, not even a single time. The cleaner who visits my home has become somewhat like a family member. I trust her entirely with my flat, so much so I have provided her with a spare key for the premises, so that she can visit whenever I am at work or away from town. The company also provided me with a discount when I booked their biweekly maintenance package. Great service at amazing rates, I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone!

  • rhiscalum


    Okay, I'm a party animal and I spend most of my time out at clubs, bars and pubs. Sure enough, my residecne often looks like a sty, simply because I don't go home so often to tidy and clean. Last summer, I hired a maid at this company to come visit me once a week and do my laundry, mop my floors, make the beds, declutter and dust. She also takes care of my clothes and washes the dishes whenever I happen to eat at home. I'm very grateful to her because she does everything I tell her to and even does my ironing. I feel better knowing she's around.

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